Passenger stories

This is the passenger stories page. Here you will find captioned videos and text-based stories of a number of passengers. As well as stories, you will also find a summary of all the barriers and solution organised in impairment categories. Keep checking this page for new stories

Gwynneth tells a cautionary tale about using a mobility scooter

Ron explains how Passenger Assistance makes a difference to his travel experience

Staff attitudes play an important role in Alison's satisfaction with rail travel.


Many stations are still physically inaccessible with facilities and trains, presenting many obstacles such as steps, ramps that are too steep, lack of lifts and accessible toilets and waiting areas. At certain stations the ticket office window and PIN machine are placed too high, distances between facilities and parking spaces are too long. On the train itself there is a limited amount of spaces for wheelchair users and often these get booked up, so turning up at a station without having booked an accessible wheelchair space might mean that you won’t be able to travel at that time. Yet, there are some solutions too and it’s worth considering them. You could use the “Stations made easy” facility online to explore stations and facilities in advance book – for a guide visit the “How to plan your journey” page of this website. If you use an internet mobile phone you can download the free National Rail Enquiries mobile phone app for Android (from Google Play) or iPhone (from the iTunes app store)– you can input the details of your journey and updates will be displayed or read aloud for you by the app in real time. Book Passenger Assistance – you can expect to be met at the taxi rank or car drop-off if you’re coming by taxi or car, at the bus stop if you are coming by bus. You’ll be then led to a waiting area or straight on to your train carriage and seat. If possible, if you have an assistance dog with you, the operator will try to find a space for you so your dog can sit next to you. Staff can bring you food or drinks from the trolley and they can lead you to the toilet and back if needed. Remember – even if you’re not sure you want to book travel yet, a chat with the operator at the Passenger Assistance might help you decide.